Do you find waging war with oily skin every day exhausting? Matching a moisturizer to your face can almost make your skincare regimen. In the beauty industry, Asian moisturizer is becoming widely used for its light formulas and novel ingredients that work on oily skin. Let us take a dive into the world of Asian moisturizers. They are used for greasy skin and are formulated to balance the sebum and keep skin hydrated. Sunscreen For Combined Skin

Benefits of Using Asian Moisturizers for Oily Skin

Skin care products from Asia have been a real breakthrough for those whose skin type is oily. One of the main advantages includes lightweight. And non-greasy formulas which further helps in maintaining the balancing of skin moisture by not clogging the pores or irritating oiliness. These are the moisturizers that have been tailor-made to regulate sebum. An oil which is responsible for keeping the skin shine-free all day long.

On the other hand, Asian moisturizers for Oily Skin are also popular with oily skin types, because of their reliance on natural substances known for their soothing and oil-controlling nature. Controlling sebum levels while healing the skin are the main functions of compounds like green tea, centella asiatica, and bamboo extract.

Besides, it is also common to find the anti-oxidants in the Asian moisturizers which have a function of shielding the skin from environmental stressors. Also helping to keep the skin healthy and radiant looking. Oily skin is gradually improve in terms of texture and look each time a product is apply to it; therefore, the appearance of oily skin is fresh and radiant constantly.

Top Ingredients to Look for in Asian Moisturizers for Oily Skin

Being aware of its ingredients is of utmost importance. Be sure to pick up items with breathable and non-pore blocking ingredients because you don’t want your pores to be block. Examples of ingredients such as green tea extract are natural antioxidants which regulate oil production in the skin as well as will soothe inflammation.

Another good ingredient to keep an eye on is hyaluronic acid as it holds the hydrating effect without contributing the extra oily effect. Alcohol Asiatica, commonly known as Cica, is a widely use ingredient in the Asian skin-care scene for its soothing and healing properties.

Another star ingredient which is common in Asian moisturizers for oily skin is Niacinamide as it helps in sebum regulation and minimizing pores. Never leave out the tea tree oil which is the natural antiseptic and can fight the acne-causing bacteria even in oily skin.

5 Best Asian Moisturizers for Oily Skin

When it comes to the search of the suitable moisturizer for the oily skin. Asian skincare gives you a variety of selections that are unique and intended to work with this skin type. Here are five top Asian moisturizers that cater to oily skin types. Here are five top Asian moisturizers that cater to oily skin types:

The first up is Innisfree Green Tea Balancing Cream. The cream is formula with green tea extract, a natural source of antioxidants, refer to as kombucha, which helps to regulate sebum production.

The next item in the list is the Cosrx Oil-Free Ultimate Hydrating Lotion. This paraben- free nourish your skin without clogging your pores, perfect for oily and acne prone skin.

For those who struggle with sensitive oily skin, Etude House Soong Jing Hydro Barrier Cream should be their first choice. Panthenol and madecassoside are examples of ingredients in it which are meant to replenish skin moisture and reinforce the protective barrier.

And another highly sought version is Laneige Water Bank Gel Cream. The gel-cream hybrid offers deep hydration on rough patches while mattifying glossy areas, giving you a fascinated and calibrated finish.

This decision is now much easier with our top choices in place, as you can now select Asian moisturizer, which is in accordance with the oily skin requirements.

A. Innisfree Green Tea Balancing Cream

When this comes to fighting oily skin fat, identifying the proper moisturizer is the most important thing. Matches for those with oily skin who desire balance and hydration, Innisfree Green Tea Balancing Cream is one of the most preferred ones.

This cream contains green tea which is well known with its high antioxidant properties that help to control sebum production while not drying the skin. That is also an excellent healer for irritated skin to moisturize it and is good for people with oily skin and occasional acne.

Such a cream with a light texture can be absorbe quickly into the skin, and as a result your face feels fresh and non greasy. With time, you will notice your skin becoming more even, balanced, hydrated, and less prone to shine over the course of the day.

Innisfree Green Tea Balancing Cream is definitely one of the best options on the market for those of you who are looking for a product that targets oily skin type but at the same time harnesses all the goodness of the cutting-edge in the Asian skincare world.

B. Cosrx Oil-Free Ultra-Moisturizing Lotion

A moisturizer that strikes a balance between hydrating your skin and preventing a greasy feeling will become your beauty weapon if you have oily skin. Say hello to the Cosrx Oil-Free Ultra-Moisturizing Lotion – an oil-free, lightweight, but with the ability to hydrate your skin from within – a perfect choice if you have oily or combination skin types. This product of Korean skincare, which is use up of birch sap and hyaluronic acid, moisturizes the skin without the weight.

The Cosrx toner is fast-absorbing, as it dries gradually into the skin with a refreshing and balanced feeling. It is also responsible for the functions of the skin, balance of oil-water level that avoid the secretion of excess sebum during the day.

Kiss the grease on T-zone bye, you grease-free oil and welcome the new mattified texture! Acne-prone spots or places covered with excess oil-whether you’re facing such, Cosrx has got you. Simply put, Cosrx will be your life-savior.

C. Etude House Soon Jung Hydro Barrier Cream

If you are actively searching for a moisturizer that has a gentler formula yet powerful enough for oily skin, Etude House Soon Jung Hydro Barrier Cream is what you should go for. This is a gem of Asian skincare, which puts an extra emphasis on providing intensive hydration without making your skin feel greasy or clogged.

One of the special traits of this cream is its hypoallergenic properties hence, suitable for people with sensitive skin too. Hair Weight texture absorbs fast into the skin, leaving a silky smooth and well-hydrated complexion.

Implanted with panthenol and madecassoside, two beneficial ingredients that are commonly known to relieve and calm the skin, this moisturizer improves the effectiveness of the skin barrier and reduces visible redness and itching. Say goodbye to the excessive shin and hello to balanced hydration with Etude House Soom Jung Hydro Barrier Cream.

D. Laneige

With Laneige, one can choose from the multiple face and body skincare products that suit oily skin most. One of their moisturizers that suffice this purpose is specifically intended to give hydration to the skin without adding extra oil. The light and fast-absorbing formula will make your skin look alive and leave it with an even complexion.

Laneige moisturizer with green tea extract and niacinamide which are popular for their oil eliminating and calmness features is the product. These components control sebum secretion, while at the same time allow continuous hydration for the skin.

Laneige’s packaging is popular among some users who like the fact that it comes in cool containers. And are easy to use and small and portable sufficiently to carry around. With its delicate scent, you can create a luxurious experience with our product without making it overwhelming.

Laneige is a good choice for people with oily skin who do not have access to good moisturizers from Asia that effectively hydrates and reduces oil production.


Asian moisturizers are a gift to people with oily skin since they offer a vast choice of benefits. These products include ones that balance sebum production, lightweight hydration etc and can be used by you to attain a natural glow on the skin. With areas like green tea, hyaluronic acid, and ceramides headlining the repertoire, you are on the right track and your oily skin will be effectively managed with no excess shine and no clogged pores.

Upon choosing an Asian moisturizer for oily skin consider the exact moisturizing needs of oily skin type and buy the products that are produced for those specific skin ailments. Whether Soothing Innisfree Green Tea Balancing Cream or Hydro Barrier Cream or Etude House Soon, finding the right product can determine the difference between maintaining a simple and clear complexion and none.

Make sure to carry out the clip test always before using new products and consult a dermatologist. If you have any skin problems. If you are persistent in all your applications.

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